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Why a Dog?
  • Bed Bug detection dogs generate a quicker and more accurate result.  Visual inspections are only 20-40% accurate, at best. 
  • Eliminates guess work!  A University of Florida study demonstrates that scent detection dogs have 97% accuracy in detecting even the earliest stages of a bed bug problem!
  • Cutting edge technology- dogs are the latest trend in the pest inspection industry, however dogs have been used for years by law enforcement to detect bombs, drugs and locate missing persons. 
  • Dogs are honest! Our dogs are trained to work for  play...not for profit!
  • Dogs have a great ability to track through snow, water, ash and even a pile of laundry!
  • Research has proven their ability to discriminate live bugs and viable eggs from dead bugs, fecal matter and cast skins.
  • Dogs are efficient at finding live bed bugs at low infestation levels.  This way being able to eliminate the problem early on!
  • Dogs are especially useful in vacant apartments or hotel rooms where bugs may not be as evident. 
  • By pinpointing the affected rooms, dogs can save money by eliminating unneeded extermination to other areas.
Bed Bug Facts
  • Reddish-brown, wingless insects up to ¼ inch long.
  • They can infest all types of environments, even expensive, luxurious homes.
  • Sanitation and cleanliness have no bearing on their presence.
  • Feed every 7-10 days with 1-3 bites per feeding.
  • Can survive up to 12 months without a blood meal.
  • Travel in bags, boxes, clothes and furniture to new homes and hosts
  • Bed bug saliva acts as an analgesic and anti-coagulant, which prevents you from feeling pain during bites.
  • Can take up to 5 days for the itch and irritation to appear.
  • Their small size and tendency to hide in seams, cracks, and crevices makes them difficult to see and treat.
  • Several chemical treatments are typically necessary to eradicate the infestation, due to the biology and cryptic nature of these bugs.  Heat treatments, on the other hand, usually only take one treatment.
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