At Alert Canine Bed Bug Detection Agency we use only certified dogs in our bed bug inspections to assure the most accurate results for our clients. We service hotels, apartments, office buildings, the clothing industry, homes, buses, and moving trucks with our dog bed bug detection. The list goes on and on! Whatever your needs are for detecting bed bugs in Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, or Kentucky, we can help you find a solution.
Our bed bug team consists of a certified handler and dog as well as a licensed pest management professional who will provide a thorough inspection of your property or home. Our certified handler has an educational background in Biology and has been certified by NESDCA, Pinpoint Canine, IBBMA (Integrated Bed Bug Management Association) and Iron Heart Training Center. With Alert Canine Bed Bug Detection Agency, you can rest assured that you are leaving the job to qualified and experienced professionals.
Liza, our bed bug sniffing canine, has been trained to detect the presence of live bed bugs and viable eggs. Due to her keen sense of smell she can detect bed bug activity in cracks and crevices that might otherwise be missed during a visual inspection.
Bed Bug Control - Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois

About Our Bed Bug Inspections

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