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We are an Indiana bed bug detection agency that specializes in bed bug dog detection. Due to increased international travel and the bed bugs' increased resistance to many pesticides, there has been a recent resurgence of bed bugs in Indiana and across the nation. Increases in bed bug activity have been seen all over the US in the past decade. Infestations have been reported in hotels, apartments, retail stores, planes, dorm rooms, nursing homes, offices and homes. Any place that has a high turnover rate of occupancy is at a higher risk of bed bug infestation.
Canine Detection is the way to go!
Visual bed bug inspections are considered to be only 20-40% accurate, whereas university studies have shown dogs to be up to 97% accurate! Early identification and confirmation is crucial before an infestation becomes well established. Liza, our canine bed bug detective, will help you identify an infestation quickly which will allow you to take action fast! Liza has been trained and certified to detect the presence of odor from only live bugs and viable eggs, performing the highest quality bed bug inspections available today!
Our team will then continue with a visual inspection to help verify the presence of the bed bugs.
By pinpointing the infested areas, you will save both time and money!
We provide reactive and proactive services!
We do commercial and residential jobs!
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